Mandalas of Hope

The circular motif of the mandala can be found across cultures. Carl Jung considered the mandala a container for the soul’s desire - and that is the concept that appealed to me for this series. Offered as an invitation, my hope is the mandalas will evoke a sense of empowerment and a reminder we all hold the capacity to create what is important to us. Each mandala holds the tension of both disorientation and possibility – symbolic of both a sense of coming through to other side of a difficult period, while the future is still not clear. A liminal period we experience many times during life’s journey. For me, the seeds of beauty can be seen within the chaos – can you see it?

The substrate is 185 lb. cold pressed paper, and the medium is acrylic with pen and pencil. The paintings are wired and framed in ¼” exhibition black metal frames with regular glass. There are two sizes (16 x 12 and 12 x 9), six of each, hung according the following orientation: three 16” w x 12” h, three 12” w x 16” h, three 9” w x 12” h, and three 12” w x 9 “ h.