Counselling and Social Work Services

When not painting....
I am a Registered Social Worker who is honoured to have been working with individuals, couples and groups as a counsellor for over 20 years. I take a particular interest in supporting people to heal from trauma, as well as a special focus on the discovery of the "true self". Your personal uniqueness is something to accept and embrace!
In addition to therapies like EMDR, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness, I am a Jungian oriented therapist who incorporates journaling, art, and paying attention to your dreams to reveal a deeper understanding. I also offer specialized sessions for clients registered with the Crime Victim Assistance Program in British Columbia.
My formal education includes masters degrees in both Social Work and Anthropology from the University of British Columbia, as well as a post graduate certificate in Trauma and Dissociation, from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California, USA.
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