Welcome to Tracy Anne Northey's website: artist, writer and therapist.

Welcome to my website! This is where I share my creative self and where you can explore my art practice. 

My art continues to shift and evolve, including abstracts, still life, seascapes, etc. Often inspired by the impressionists and post-impressionists, Vicent van Gogh is my muse for the series Spirit of Vincent. Take a look in the Galleries section on this site. 

 Information about my workshop "Creative Emergence" is also available on this site. The course is inspired by Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, and is open to artists and non-artists alike. I believe creativity is something we all posess and be expressed variously thru work/vocation, music, art, gardening, music, tending the home - the list is endless. 

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 Picard Studio Jan 2016      


About Tracy Anne

Tracy Anne Northey paints primarily in acrylics. She started to paint several years ago in an effort to balance a predominantly cerebral left brain existence. No formal training, her style continues to evolve largely through the mentorship of established artists.  More recently she was accepted into the resident mentorship program at the Dene Croft attelier, where she received instruction and guidance 2020 - 2021. Previous mentors include James Picard, Betty Woo, and Calum Cameron - who supported her to paint her first acrylic on canvas at his studio in the Galeria del Sol in Bucerias, Mexico.

Northey’s work is exhibited locally and internationally, with permanent collections at the Hollyburn Sailing Club, Lions Gate Hospital and Evergreen House.   

Alongside her evolving art, Tracy Anne's profession as a social worker and psychotherapist increasingly draws on the creative self. Stemming from the work of Carl Jung, Tracy Anne incorporates journaling, art and paying attention to dreams to facilitate healing and a deeper understanding. 

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To quote Marion Woodman:

“In our creating, we are created”. 


 "Ian's Boat" by Tracy Anne Northey